Windswept 2

“When the gusting winds ruffle your feathers…”


Four Birds on Red

“Just four little birds ganging up.”


Lazy Dookus

“Once in a while you’ll have some lazy Chameleon wander into one of your paintings. This time it’s Dookus…”


Ghostbird, He-bird, She-bird

“Three tiny birds, ready to fledge (even though one is kinda dead)”


The Inevitable Invasion

“It’s a changing world we live in. Through technology, we reshape our reality. Irreversible. An inevitable reinvention of our world…”


Self Portrait

“Did you expect this to be me?”



“This commissioned work depicts an eery eel, tempting the sun’s rays with the lightbulb dangling from its head.”



“Yet another bird, but this one likes it’s tech.”



“It gives you the Eye…”


Blue Rebbit Blocques

Wood, metal pins, metal coat hooks & acryllics. Height varies between 8 and 30 cm.



“Teaching the small”


Life ohne Life

Acryllics & waterproof marker on canvas. 50×50 cm


Igor’s Autumn Feathers

“Another Igor”



Acryllics & waterproof marker on canvas. 60×50 cm


Chinese Squid

“…to keep his big brother company“


The Hairy Squid

“…because the fur keeps it warm“


Eye-Shadow & Skullbird

“…They aren’t the best of friends”



“Teeny tiny Ticibirds“


Deep Sea Eels

“Creatures from the deep”



“A more abstract approach”


Ioanna’s Bird

“A bird to give I kept”


Bird & Orbs

“Bird on request“


The All-Eye

Acryllics & waterproof marker on canvas. 40×50 cm


Chinese Rabbit-Yeti

“Big furry rabbit-yeti is in fact not that nice…”


Chinese Jellyfish

“Three happy jellyfish”


African Mask

“A mask for all occasions“


African double

“Quite the staring contest“



Acryllics & waterproof marker on canvas. 40×50 cm


The Relevance of White

Acryllics & waterproof marker on canvas. 30×60 cm


Song of the Blackbird

“Small bird, big song”