© 2011 Bram Winkelman Chinese Squid

Chinese Squid

…to keep his big brother companyAcryllics, waterproof marker, marker pen, ballpoint pen, colour pencil, drawing pencil and Chinese newspaper on MDF board.
28×16,5 cm

After I finished The Hairy Squid, I noticed this small plank lying around with some leftover Chinese newspaper glued on. THe thing had been lying around since 2008 and I had ever since stalled finishing it. Still on the rush from finishing the big  squid, I picked up some pencils and pens and drew a small hairy squid on it. Despite that wasn’t at all what I originally in mind to put on it. Yet, I think this final result is way cooler than the original plan.

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  1. Posted January 27, 2012 at 9:15 am | #

    Hallo Bram!

    Leuk schilderij. En je blijft benieuwd wat er op die ?rouwadvertentie? rechtsbovenin staat…

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