© 2009 Bram Winkelman Bird & Orbs

Bird & Orbs

“Bird on requestAcryllics & waterproof marker on canvas.
40×50 cm

Bird & Orbs and Ioanna’s Bird are two paintings I painted on the same day. I had decided that day I’d make a painting for my good friend Ioanna’s birthday. I made sketches and after that started to paint Bird & Orbs, which I then came to like so much I rather wanted to keep it for myself. Yet, I also wanted to give Ioanna her birthday painting, so started to work on Ioanna’s Bird as well.
Then, when I had finished both paintings at around the same time, I realized I had become even more attached to Ioanna’s Bird… You can guess that in the end, Ioanna got Bird & Orbs, the painting I had initially planned to make for her, and I got to keep Ioanna’s Bird (good thing she assured me she liked Bird & Orbs better anyway).

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