© 2012 Bram Winkelman Blue Rebbit Blocques

Blue Rebbit Blocques

Wood, metal pins, metal coat hooks & acryllics.
Height varies between 8 and 30 cm.

Instead of creating something on canvas, I decided to try some sculpturing with wood. These three are the result.
I started off with hacking some wood blocks down to the size and form I had in mind, then fingerpainted the blues on. After that, two of them got some metal pins hammered in. To complete them, I screwed on their heads. The heads are in fact hooks one usually uses to hangs his/her coat on in the hallway.

Imagine them being a family: mom, dad and their small kid.
Dad has a big horn on his head and two big tusks, as well as quite some armoring in the form of shiny round scales. The armor continues on his back.
Mom is much cleaner and brighter blue, though her ears are hanging down a bit. I don’t know what caused her to be a bit sad…
Their kid needs to grow a lot still. His horn is still very small, but his tusks have already grown to adult size. He has some armoring as well, though not as extensive as his dad’s.


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